The “General Process” of the financial transaction shown as below.

Stage 1 . Client has to provide full details of transaction.

Stage 2 . We Prepare the draft of the “Financial Instrument”.

Stage 3 . Client check the draft, if the draft is ok; client approval the draft.

Stage 4 . Client will sign the service aggrement and pays the fee.

Stage 5 . ”Financial Instrument” is issued and give information to client.


The “Information” of the both parties as shown at below.

We require the following standardised information in order to assist our client with regards to drafting of the Financial Instrument and quotation of fee:

1. Applicant details                                                                            / Buyer

2. Name of Beneficiary Company / Individual                                  / Seller

3. Name of Beneficiary’s Bank + SWIFT code                                   / Seller

4. Pro-Forma Invoice (if applicable / for LC)                                       / Seller

5. Duration of the Instrument (90 days / 180 days / 1 year…)

6. Amount of the Face Value of the Instrument and the Currency